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Hello! ^-^ You can call me Ash! I am 30 years old, my birthday is July 1st :3 I am an artist of many mediums but I mainly work with creating Twitch Emotes and other graphics online ^^ But I have worked with everything from; paint, clay, leather, wire wrapping, EVA foam, cosplay outfits, foam hats, colored pencil work to watercolor. YOU NAME IT!

^^ I have been drawing since I was able to pick up a pencil. After HS I apprenticed at a Tattoo shop for half a year, the shop had some falling out so the owner decided to still mentor me but I had to provide a space, so I did it out of my house for a little while until I moved too far away and I tried doing it on my own but I decided it wasn't for me ^^.

I opened up an Etsy shop in 2015 where I began to sell all my goodies ^^ During that time I worked at a call center for 7 years (Guess which one? I bet you've eaten there at LEAST once), then quit and worked at a landscaping/nursery for a season <3 After the season was over I decided to stream Dec of 2017 while doing my freelance art on the side and here we are!

I live with my wonderful husband on 2.5 acres in a house that we fixed up late 2018 (Knocked a wall out, put an archway in and laid porcelain tile on 500sq ft of the kitchen/living room. I have been with him for over 7 years and we are two peas in a pod! <3

This has been an amazing ride and I've met so many wonderful people through Twitch. I look back 3 years ago, I was streaming off of a 7 year old laptop. Now, through the generosity of this community I can thank you all for my PC, Tablet and literally everything <3 Thank you so so much insert coot emote

Veggie Stand

Veggie Stand 2.0

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Discord: eyesofashes#4618
Twitter: @eyesofashes_art
or through Etsy

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